CAS Information Services Fall 2015 December Newsletter available!

The December 2015 Fall issue of the CAS Information Services Newsletter is now available!

In this issue:

  1. CAS Archives Online
  2. Bacon Bibliography
  3. R4R: Alcohol Memoirs
  4. Information Resources in Health Services
  5. CAS Library and Addiction Science
  6. Hazelden
  7. CAS Library at NAADAC
  8. National Archives
  9. International Collaboration
  10. State of the Libraries: Poster and Abstract
  11. State of the Libraries: A Student’s Perspective
  12. New faces

This issue was edited by Paul Kibala and Will Haggis.

Center of Alcohol Studies Information Services Newsletter
Published quarterly
Editor-in-chief: Judit Ward, PhD, MLIS
Associate editor: William Bejarano, MLIS, MA