CAS Information Services Fall 2015 Newsletter available!

The Fall 2015 issue of the CAS Information Services Newsletter is available!


In this issue:

1. JSAD Welcomes New Editor: Interview with Dr. Thomas Babor
2. A Look Back at Dr. Howard W. Haggard
3. A First Edition of the A.A. “Big Book”
4. Budapest Reflections: ICARA/ISAJE 2015
5. CAS Receives Papers of Dr. Selden Bacon
6. A Jellinek Center in Knoxville, Tennessee
7. The Original Working Manuscript of A.A.
8. SOAR: Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers
9. New Faces

This issue was edited by Nick Allred, MA.

Center of Alcohol Studies Information Services Newsletter
Published quarterly
Editor-in-chief: Judit Ward, PhD, MLIS
Associate editor: William Bejarano, MLIS, MA